[email protected]frog ★ digital artist / animator

✤ terms of service ✤

process & workflow 📄

  • There may be an extra charge for complexity of the commission at my discretion, or if it is up to me to design the character (No reference available, etc.) up to a max of $20.

  • Excessive edits may be subject to an extra charge.

  • Don't use anything I make for reselling, commercial use, NFTs, or otherwise profitable works unless given explicit permission.

  • I’ll send a sketch over for approval before working on it further.

  • Commissions will be finished within a few days to a few weeks. I don’t appreciate giving myself a deadline, but I’ll work on them as soon as I can.

  • Artistic freedom is highly preferred, but it's okay if you have something in mind!

  • Rendered commissions may come with a more complex background depending on the prompt.

payments 💵

  • Commissions are paid upfront or with the sketch via PayPal.

  • Prices are in USD!

  • The commission cannot be refunded past a sketch stage.

  • Extra characters incur a +50% charge, & vehicles a +60% charge.

things i will not draw ❌

  • I can refuse a commission for any reason.

  • No NSFW, kinks, or otherwise suggestive content.

  • No feral characters.

  • I'm also really bad at digitigrade. You're getting people legs!!!!!! Sorry!!

additional notes 👀

  • I would like to know the kind of vibe your character has! Send me some music that they’d listen to, or stuff that you think they have the same vibe as! It’ll help me get the mood down for the commission.

  • I rarely post commissions, so it's up to you most of the time if you'd like to post them!


halfbody $40 | Fullbody $50

flat color

halfbody $70 | Fullbody $85


halfbody $100 | Fullbody $120